I Miss You…

If you expect that this post would be something about love, then you’re right. But it’s not love like you can find on a Korean drama. It’s about a bigger, deeper, and ultimate love. Love comes from The Love itself, the source of all. It’s about God’s (or whatever you call Thou) love. This writing is not a lecturer’s note. It’s purely my own reflection, something came in my mind and my heart during Adoration.

Firstly, I will briefly introduce one of the most amazing Catholic church rituals, which is called Adoration.

“Adoration is the acknowledgement of God as God, creator and savior, the Lord and master of everything that exists as infinite and merciful love.” (CCC #2096) “Adoration is homage of the spirit to the King of glory, respectful silence in the presence of the ever greater God.” (CCC #2628)

What does people do during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament? They do nothing but stay still in silence. It’s not as easy as it looks. I remember during my first Adoration, I was skeptical. In many occasions I’ve written how logic I was. On my first Adoration, I was invited by my prayer group. I sat there, in front of the Eucharist Sacrament. People were very quite. I just prayed as usual then I looked at the Sacrament. It was a white-round bread. Nothing special except that it’s placed firmly in a beautiful monstrance inside a well-designed and cozy room. I was staring at the host. Then something crossed in my mind. “Hey, isn’t it occultism? What are these people doing? They worship the host? Why do they adore it? Isn’t it just a plain bread?” But as soon as the question came up, a tender voice answered it within my heart. The voice said, “If you look at this host just as an ordinary bread, then you do the same every time you received the host during the Holy Communion.” That answer struck me. Then I repent. I bowed deeply and said sorry. Since then, I was managed to see–by faith–this white-round bread as the Blessed Sacrament, as Jesus Himself. Continue reading



I’m not quite confident writing this topic. However, since this word has kept repeated in my head since a few days ago, it reminded me to write something about it. Since I’m not a specialist in this topic, you can correct me if you found any mistakes and misunderstandings.

Oxford dictionary defines “coding” as the process of assigning a code to something for classification or identification. In my simple understanding (please correct me if I’m wrong), coding is a process to generate ‘something’ from a series of code. This term is generally known in information technology, but our DNA is also a product of ‘coding’ from bio-molecules, which ‘creates’ us the way we are (physically). Continue reading



Well, first of all I have to remind you this. If you open this article to find any reviews of Shazam movie, you can skip this one. This writing is not definitely about that movie. Yes, you might find one or two lines about it but that’s all. But if you-however-still curious about what I will share, please continue to read. I do really appreciate that :).

Shazam! I know this title is very famous recently. I’ve watched the movie and I loved it. It’s an entertaining film. Do you know what SHAZAM stands for? Since I’ve totally forgotten what’s said in the movie, I searched and found the answer from Quora:

S – wisdom of Solomon

H – strength of Hercules

A – stamina of Atlas (including his invulnerability)

Z – power of Zeus (including his ability to summon thunderbolts)

A – courage of Achilles

M – speed of Mercury (including flight)

Second question is do you know what’s the meaning of “shazam” in English dictionary? This is the meaning I got from Oxford Dictionary. Shazam is an exclamation and used to introduce an extraordinary deed, story, or transformation. The example of this word utilization is: ‘She prayed for his arrival and shazam! There he was’

I think it’s enough for the prologue. You don’t think that this is the end of my writing, do you? Haha. Here it comes my reflection regarding this word: Shazam!

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Unboxing definition according to Oxford English dictionary is an act or instance of removing a newly purchased product from its packaging and examining its features, typically when filmed and shared on a social media site. Herewith is an “unboxing” of my heart. Not to mention that I have someone in mind, but I just felt love in the air these days. To feel love is a blessing. Moreover when I’ve been able to open my heart for more love both from other people and from myself. It’s not a poem. It’s not more than a transcribed ‘imaginative’ dialogue. Hope you enjoy reading this 😊.

One serene night, when I was alone in my room,

I asked God,

“Dear God, why can’t I find the one who will certainly be my spouse, so that I needn’t feel anxious about his feeling?”



You are Mine

“You are Mine”

This beautiful song along with the remembrance of my baptism this Easter made me to reflect how beautiful God’s love for me.

I was baptised when I was in junior high school and two years later I had the Sacrament of Confirmation. Looking back, all of my family member is baptised when we’re adult. My parents had never forced me to be a Catholic. (They didn’t even bring me to the Sunday school at church). No one had. As long as I remember, I don’t even had a strong will to join the church. That’s why I believe that it was God’s calling. An undeniable call which blesses me abundantly later.

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Well, this one is a bit long, so please take your time and a cup of coffee or tea while you reading this 😁.

These days Christians celebrate holy days of the Passover, or so called the holy week. As a Catholic, my family and I joined the mass this week started with the Maundy Thursday.

Since the weather is hotter, I felt my blood pressure was easily increase–or in another word–I was easily irritated. Moreover when I had to go with my oldest sister. A brief information for you, my oldest sister had Down syndrome. Besides, she also had problem with her heart and a little obesity. Since she has spent most of her time in her room, she can’t walk a lot-and far. So going with her means we have to wait for her walking slowly and even have a rest some times. It’s a fairly big challenge for me! For people who’s already known me, they should recognize that I usually walk fast, even as fast as ghost-some people said 😅.

However, the “miraculous” things started yesterday. When we decided to bring my oldest sister to attend the mass, the sky was dark. It seems like it’ll be raining soon. Then suddenly a tender voice in my heart told me, “Since your sister will come, your family won’t be caught in rain.” A few minutes later my mom said, “Well, how can we walk with her when it’s raining? She walked very slowly.” I understand my mom’s worry because we have to walk quite ‘far’ from the car stop to the church. However, that tender voice reminded me to stay calm.

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Let me tell you a secret: I’m afraid of cockroach. Since my childhood, I feel disgust and fear whenever I saw a cockroach nearby.

Today I was enabled to see this insect quite differently. It’s started when I boiled some eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast. As I didn’t put my glasses on, I can’t see anything clearly. That’s when a tiny dark figure seemed creeping on the floor. Although I didn’t see it clearly, I knew it was a cockroach. But it’s a little surprising since I didn’t feel any fear. Instead of being afraid, I was rather interested looking at what this little creature’s doing.

I saw it walked fast then it tried to climb a door but it failed many times. After three times trials, it walked away. Thank God it didn’t fly (I could scream very loud if it happened!)

Maybe you’ve already wondered what’s this story about? Haha. Well, here comes the more serious one.

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