Attached to God

Are you attached to God? Whom your heart attached to?

Today the first passage is from 1 Kings 11:4-13. After the previous story told about King Solomon’s wisdom, today’s reading is like a sad ending of the story. Well, today we read that King Solomon in his old age, loves many foreign women. It’s not about the origin of the women that actually matters. It’s about their beliefs and how they made Solomon following them. King Solomon turned his heart from God of Israel and prayed to the gods of his wives. This act made God angry. That’s why in the end of the story, God said, Because you have done this, and have not kept My covenant and My statutes, which I have commanded you, I will surely tear the kingdom away from you and give it to your servant.” (1 Kings 11:11)

In today’s Gospel, Jesus casted a demon away from a girl indirectly. The story can be read at Mark 7:24-30. It’s a very beautiful story, I think. So a Greek woman came to Jesus after hearing His came. But when the woman begged Jesus to heal her daughter from demon possession, Jesus said in an analogy that He should heal the Jewish first than the other tribes. It’s astonishing how the woman react. She lower herself, and with faith she believe that the loving God may heal another tribes also. Then what happened next as you can guess, the woman’s child (who was still be in her house) was healed.

After I joined the Holy Trinity Community, I spend more time in morning and night to pray. It’s getting more after I came back from retreat or another spiritual meeting. It feels beautiful, calm, and relaxing when I have more intimate time with God.

However, the more activity I had, the less time I could spare for morning and night prayer. It’s not so different at first. Well, I just so often fall asleep before night prayer, or so in a hurry at the morning so that I just can’t read the dedicated readings from the Bible that day, etc. I didn’t realize that this ‘little‘ change would have bigger impact in my life.

I can’t focus in my job as good as before. I can’t control my emotion as before. I feel more insecure of many things in my life. Then I started to realize that there’s something different: it’s the time I spent with God.

I can take five minutes from my Bible reading time and use it to read another book. I can take ten minutes of my prayer time to add more in my sleeping time. Those ‘little’ change affected me unexpectedly.

So I started to evaluate this. With my limited time, I should be able to give quality time with God, quality time for my sleep and my work. It’s not the length of the prayer that matters. It’s our heart. So I arranged my time schedule and pray so that I can follow the new schedule of my life. This may help me to keep my quality time with God and also make a balanced life. Now I am still working on it, but I think God is quite happy with it since He enables me to do it 😁.

My dear friends, being attached to God doesn’t mean you have to attend mass every day (which is very good for sure). Being attached to God means you realize and remember God in everything you do every time and everywhere you are.

I remember a story I’d read about an ordinary farmer whom Vishnu (one of Hindu gods) loves so much. Why? It’s because in the morning, the farmer started his day by worshipping Vishnu. Then at the end of the day he also worshipped Vishnu. It means the farmer had given his whole day to Vishnu. He attached his heart and mind to Vishnu along the day, along his work.

King Solomon who attached his heart to God during his young age, turned out leaving God after he’s old. The Greek woman (definitely not a Jewish) whom child was possessed by demon seek Jesus, tried to be attached to Him so that Jesus may heal her child.

My friends, whatever your beliefs, keep yourself attached to God. Seek God, spend time with God, worship and serve God along your life.

God doesn’t look for the perfect ones, God look for the faithful ones, who are willing to attach their heart and mind to God.

May God equipped you with a faithful heart; a heart which always seek for God persistently, a heart which is willing to be attached to God forever. God bless you 😊.

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