No, it’s not about kind of offering letter of a job. It’s about sacrifice, tribute, something we give to Our Almighty God to show our honor to God.

Today the Catholic church celebrates St. Agatha, a saint who is known as her desire to remain pure as Christ’s bride. St. Agatha presented herself to God as her best offering.

How about us? What is our offering to God?

The first reading for today is taken from 1 Kings 8:1-13. It is the story about Solomon, celebrating the holy temple of God. There was God’s covenant ark placed inside the holy temple. Then Solomon sacrificed for God, sheep and oxen that could not be counted or numbered for multitude (1 Kings 8:5)

The Gospel for today is taken from Mark 6:53-56. It’s about Jesus healing many of sick people in Gennesaret. Wherever He entered, into villages, cities, or the country, they laid the sick in the marketplaces, and begged Him that they might just touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched Him were made well. (Mark 6: 56).

The first thing comes to my mind about offering is the amount of cash I give every week during the mass in church. However, it’s not the most important offering to God. God would care more in ourselves rather than the cash. Actually, God wants us much more than our worldly offering.

Sometimes I felt inferior in this thing. I know how I am imperfect. How I’d done sins with my mind, my words, and my actions. How can I present myself to God the Almighty? It is easier to me to walk away from Him so that I wouldn’t disgrace Him while calling Him, “Father,”

It also takes a lot of courage and time for me to decide : I want to spread the good news every day, through the readings as scheduled by Catholic church. Sometimes I feel that I don’t have any rights to share the good news, because I am still doing mistakes and sins. However, God is a loving Father. God know who I am, for He is the One who created me. God knows my flaws, my sins, the whole me even more than I know myself. And God also know my potential.

The moment I am able to embrace myself, to embrace my flaws and my imperfections, I started to understand that God desires me whoever I am. I am the one He wants. He doesn’t care much about how much I gave the church every Sunday, but God care how I live my life. Am I hearing God’s words? Am I doing God’s laws? Am I happy? (Just a brief information, God wants to know it not to judge us-maybe we’ll talk about it later).

Today’s reading showed me how different the offering from King Solomon and people at Jesus’s era. King Solomon offered the best of sheep and ox in unaccounted number, while a different one we see at the Gospel. You know what people brought to Jesus? Not sheep, ox, gold, or even flowers. They brought Him the sick. The blind. The paralyzed. The devil’s possessed. People bring Jesus the imperfects. And how Jesus responded? Jesus didn’t say, “Go all of you the shame of My throne. Give me the holy, beautiful, handsome, and flawless one, not these garbages!” No, He didn’t. In fact, it’s the imperfects He desires..because it is the reason He came. To love, to heal, to forgive.

My dear friends, when you think so low of yourself, when you think that this world has rejected you because of your past, your sins, or your imperfections; that you are not worthy to live..come to Jesus and present yourself to Him. Give yourself, with all of your flaws, sins, brokenness, tears, sickness, pain, and whatever bothered you..whatever makes you feel imperfect..bring it to Him, offer it to The Living God. You’ll see God will heal you. You know why? Because God loves you. He desires you. You are worthy for Him. There’s only one thing God care for the best offering: it is you. The whole you.

Dear friends, I know it’s not easy to offer ourselves. Just don’t give up on yourself and don’t give up on God. If God can transform me into who I am now, if God can receive me, a sinner, forgive me, and use me to spread the Good news, then God must be able to use you also.

Well, it’s true that we fall into sin over and over again, sometimes the same sin..however, God knew it. Just don’t dwell yourself in the darkness. There’s no sin so big that God cannot forgive, there’s no dirt so stick that God cannot clean. Be attached to God’s words and bring yourself-the whole you– to God as the offering. (You know, I even feel much better from my stomach-ache after sharing this good news, thank God! 😊)

May God’s love fulfill your heart and mind, giving you new spirit and joy and may you open your heart and being able to offer yourself to God. God bless you and have a nice day 😊

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