Nowadays people are craving of great leaders. What the leader do is one that really matters. People started to appreciate their leader because of his/her actions, not only from his/her words.

Today’s first reading is taken from 1 Kings 3:4-13. The story is about Solomon, who asked for wisdom to God, instead of long life or any other personal interests. He asked this because he wants to be a good leader for his people. “Therefore give to Your servant an understanding heart to judge Your people, that i may discern between good and evil. For who is able to judge this great people of Yours?” (1 Kings 9). Therefore, pleased with Solomon’s wish, God granted him not only the understanding heart, but also the riches and honor.

Then the Gospel today is taken from Mark 6:30-34. It is the story of Jesus inviting His apostles to take rest, but after He saw the multitudes come to them, Jesus moved with compassion for them, because they were like sheep not having a shepherd.

When I reflected today’s reading, one comes to mind is about leadership. I remember that since my childhood, I always feel that I won’t be a good leader. The psychological test result during my early job also tells that I am lack of leadership skills (although the result also said that I am intelligent enough hahaha).

I was agree with that result. I often feel inferior, thus how can I lead people? However, years passed and I feel that I am also growing not just physically, but also spiritually. Then one time when I joined a spiritual community (that is The Holy Trinity Community), it didn’t take long time for I was chosen as the leader of a little group of youth (it’s called the ‘cell’s servant, because in Christianity, a leader is also a servant if others).

Although it’s a small group of my own friends, I was doubting myself. Can I bring these people into goodness? What if I failed? Well, the cell was also newly formed. I have no ideas or vision about what will I do in this group. However, God reminded me that He has chosen me, so He will enable me. If He trusted His people on my leadership, then somehow, despite of my lack of leadership skills, God Himself who will enable me to lead. It’s not only my growth, but also this group members growth which God care. Then it happened (although I refused it at first, told some reasons to choose someone else as the leader😂). The amazing thing is, I feel that God provided me with what I need. I have people in my group with their ideas which make me calm and not worry much about new ideas. I also have people with willingness to serve, so that I don’t need to force them in tasks.

Well, I admit that there must be some problems too. Different views, lack of members, personal problem of the members, etc. But the thing I want to emphasize is, God is able to enable us leading 😁😁. Only if we ask Him for His help and guidance, may He enables us to be a good leader. I remember that I was being more discipline on personal prayer, attending mass, prayer meeting, and any other spiritual services. These things, I believe, is both of my effort and God’s blessing to make me good leader.

How can someone is called a good leader? What quality he/she should have? I find one important quality, which is I think this is the most important thing to be a good leader. It is: Care for your people.

The first reading shows that Solomon, instead of thinking about himself, he cared so much about the Israelites. What if I can’t manage these people? That’s why he asked for wisdom, which is also a character a leader should have. (Solomon also shows his humility, when he acknowledge himself as God’s servant, that it is God who owned the people. This is also important quality, which is the obedience to the superior.)

Then the Gospel shows Jesus, care about His apostles, who had come from preaching in another cities, told them to take a rest (a good leader should know when his/her people need rest!). However, after He saw the multitude (it must be a larger number of people compared to the apostles), Jesus was moved with compassion. Jesus also care for these people, who He said, “they were like sheep not having a shepherd”. (This part is also shows that the people lost a figure of good leader in their society. Maybe they found that their leaders were all corrupt and hypocrite. This is why when they saw Jesus, they see how Jesus lived as how He said. Jesus’s quality as a great leader attract the people.) So here Jesus also shows that the society’s matter is more important than the group matter (in fact that finally, in the next verses, Jesus and His apostles didn’t take a rest as He’d planned).

Dear friends, whatever your beliefs, I am sure that we are all have been taught with good values. Actually we’re already have that good values inside our heart, whether we have heard about it or not. It is God, the One, Our divine Creator, the Owner of this world and these people, who had put it in us.

We are able to be a good leader in the family, school, workplace, but the most important is in ourselves. Yes, we first should become a good leader to ourselves, then we can be a good leader for others.

May God equipped us with the wisdom, an understanding heart to discern good and evil. And may we also open our heart to care for people around us. Don’t need to be a city’s major, governor, or event president to care for others. And if you are a leader, holding a strategic position in some community, please be a good leader. For it’s not only your efforts making you sit in that position, but also an opportunity God has given you. Be care about your people, because a leader is-actually-the servant for others. God bless you and may you have a great weekend.

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