Well, it’s not about any application in your Androids at all 😁.

Today I read the scripture. The first passage is from 2 Sam 18. The story is about the death of Absalom. King David sent three group of his soldiers in a fight with Israel. And although his son, Absalom, wants to kill him most, David reminded his soldier not to touch his son. However during the fight, Absalom was killed by Joab. Then Ahimaaz, the messenger-although he was told not to go that day-ran following the Cushite, trying to cover up about Absalom’s death. however, the Cushite finally told everything he saw to David. As the result, David didn’t rejoice for his victory, but he mourned for the death of his son Absalom.

The Gospel for today is taken from Mark 5:21-43. It’s about Jesus healed a woman who was bleeding for years and about Jesus aroused child of Jairus who was dead. It is interesting that after hearing about Jesus coming, the woman with bleeding disease came behind Jesus and touched His clothes in faith. As the result, her disease was healed. Then when Jesus heard that Jairus’s child was proclaimed dead, Jesus didn’t stop, nor He gave up. Instead, He told Jairus, “Do not be afraid; only believe“. As the result of the faith, Jairus child was given back to life.

Well, as I dwell on these passages, it comes to my mind: how will you act as a messenger? And the following question is, ‘what will you do after hearing the message?’.

In my personal life, people often asked me for some advice. Once it makes me feel pride, but now it scares me haha… Being someone dependable makes people watching your move and your words. I often feels that I have failed other’s expectations on me when I did mistakes or sinned. However, God remind me always that I just have to be His messenger through my life. Yes, I’m not perfect, I am a sinner, I do mistakes. But it shouldn’t stop me to spread His good news. The more I think, that’s the point, right? God use ordinary people to spread the good news because they are so down to earth that others can feel the same. “Hey, I’m not that different with her. She/he is also a sinner right, but God can deliver His message through her/ why can’t God use me too?”

Understand of this fact, I realized that I can’t do this by my own strength. Being God’s messenger requires great faith, hope, and love. Then, where did I get that?? Well, I get more faith, hope, and love through the testimony of another believers. That’s why it is said that we should strengthen each other.

let’s back to the question. For the first question, I believe that most of us will answer that we will deliver the good message. However, sometimes we might be deliver bad news also. How can we deliver the bad news? Should we deliver the bad news? Why should we deliver the news, actually? Well, you should answer the questions and find it by yourself. I believe the answer will be different for each situation. The one thing I know is this: we are all the messenger. We bring the message of our Creator. Thus, beware of how we lived, because our life is the real message we give to the world. Have we lived well? Or have we still do and say bad things? What kind of message that others will see on us?

The second part is about us as we heard the message. What will we do? Will we cry out as David when he heard about his son’s death? Well, if you read the entire story you will find that Absalom was really want to kill David, his own father. As a parents you may say how rebellious son Absalom was, yet David cried for his death. Will we come for Jesus as what the woman with bleeding disease and Jairus did? It’s our decisions. What will we do after we heard the message? What will we do after we receive some rumour? Will we spread it so that the rumour became bigger and bigger? Will we let it go as we know that he rumour will only bring chaos? What will we do if we heard that our best friends betrayed us? What will we do if we heard that our business bankrupt? What will we do when we heard from the doctor that we had serious illness?

Jesus said, “Do not be afraid; only believe.”

May the peace of God be with you this entire day, and may you are equipped by His love and faith for Him along this day. God bless you.

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