Blessings Everytime :)

Hi, all!

Thank God finally I’ve finished compile my writings from 2013 through 2014 (and some from early 2015). Just like my previous writing compilation which had been release by title Life as The Real School (published by Kanisius Publisher), this digital book contains compilation of my reflections.

Due to some reasons, I’ve decided to share this book for free. I hope this compilation may be useful for everyone who reads it.

Please feel free to read and download it. Here I provide the normal PDF file and Flip PDF. If you want to open the Flip PDF file, please be sure that you have appropriate flash program (Adobe Flash Player 11.1 or equal) to open it. However, I’m still in the struggle of making better quality of the Flip PDF (I want to add some music and background to the book 🙂 ). In the ‘normal PDF’ file, you can also jump to the articles you want to read through ‘Contents’ page. Have fun and be blessed! AMDG 🙂

Here’s the download link:


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