Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yesterday my friends and I have just come back from a vacation to Singapore and Malaysia. It was a great holiday and a lot of things happened. However, I wouldn’t tell the whole story here because it may takes a lot of pages (LOL). I’ll just tell you one of my most remembered experiences. Yes, it is, because it really touched my heart and mind while we’re going that place.

My friend and I were going to a place named Garden by the bay. It was a beautiful place where you can find a lot of flower species. However, we came at night when the inner part had been closed. We look from outside very beautiful scenery. There was a lot of kind of towers made of plants arranged somehow and attached with various color of lamp. That’s why it makes beautiful scenery.

While my friend was taking pictures of the beautiful scenery, I was walking around. Somehow, yes, it just suddenly happened…the memory of my life was just come up. I remember people who come into my life, how we spent times with the ones we love, and where we are right now. I really thank God to give me a lot of friends who always care for me. Even though we don’t get in touch often, we know that we’re always be friends forever and that whenever someone needs help, the other will gives. It’s a beautiful memory however, though I also reminded that we cannot expect people to do what we expect them to do. It only will give us disappointment because no one can be as perfect as we want. In fact, nobody is perfect. As we accept that thing and do not expect others to be perfect, we’ll find more peace in our hearts.


The one beautiful scenery I’ve told before was actually just a tower with some plants and lamp. It looks beautiful from distance, but when you come closer, it just looks ordinary. To think deeper into it, I remembered what Jesus said, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household.” (Matthew 13:57). Jesus said that in His hometown, where people recognized Him as the son of Joseph, a carpenter. It makes me realize that so often when we met someone at the first time we’ll be amazed by his or her character, charisma or anything else. But then as we know their background, their lives, we will find that they’re also just ordinary people.

It’s always amazing how God uses ordinary people to do great things. The light shines through God’s beautiful creation. If only we will to give our lives to Him and let Him do His beautiful work through us, I believe that our lives will also shine through all over the world. At least, our friends, family, everyone we met…they will see the light. However, as we know that everyone basically is just ordinary person, we’ll learn to understand that there will always be imperfect in someone’s life. It’ll help us to understand and accept others better.

That’s a short reflection I’ve got in Garden by the bay Singapore…I hope it’ll be a good lesson or me and anyone who read this reflection. May God bless us always…God loves us, even though He know that we aren’t perfect J AMDG!


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