Prayer when Confuse or in Doubt

What do You want me to do, O Lord?

Everyday I pray and ask You to show Your way

I don’t know which way I should choose

I don’t even sure if the path I’m walking now is right

Clueless, easily distracted by the wind flows around..

My burden sometimes just feels too heavy

Feeling of being lonely and nowhere to go

I ask You but I can’t hear Your answer

I look for You in the silence but still I haven’t found the answer

I wonder why do You keep silent?

Then You show me from little things happened in my life

That You always watch me and care for me

Maybe You just want me to be fully trust in You

If this is a test for my faith, O Lord,

I hope that in the end You will see that my faith to You is true..

Just like my mother who often keep silent

But it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care,

I believe that she care and always pray for me,

I do believe that You also watch me silently,

And whatever mistakes I made You will remind me to correct it,

When I choose the wrong path, I also believe that You will drag me back to Your way,

Afterall, the problem isn’t that You didn’t answer me,

It’s myself who sometimes doubt that You’ll always watch me

That You’ll never leave me to fall;

But whenever I fall, You will lift me back..

Encourage me O Lord, to be bold and dare to make a step forward in faith

And guide me O Lord, to be always in Your presence,



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