Today…what happened today? Beside I got my first “THR”, I spent this evening with my friends and had dinner together. Unfortunately, the lamp suddenly turned off so we had to go home (actually it’s already near the closing time of the restaurant too hahaha…)
One thing that’s funny was, when we wanted to pay the bill, the employees prepared a lamp and tried to join the cable to another electricity station. They pulled the cable until it reached the limit. We’d already warned them that the lamp was going to fall, but they didn’t listen. As the result, the lamp was really fell and it’s broken. I think the employees did something unnecessary. Why didn’t they just give us some little light? I think it’s enough for us to see the bill. However, I think it’s unique.
Not only the employee’s behavior, but also the taste of the drink. I’m not a chef or someone who are an expert on food and beverage, but I think the taste of the drink is a bit weird hahaha. This is my first time to try a soybean milk, mixed with some other flavorings (it’s written ‘rempah-rempah’ on the menu, and I don’t know which one they mixed in my drink) However, the flavorings don’t give better flavor on the soybean milk. I even prefer an ordinary soybean milk to the one I drank tonight. However, the most fascinating is the place’s interior. I think it’s really comfortable. On the outside they have an ordinary restaurant: a hall (but not as large as hall exactly) with some tables and chairs, but inside they have some gazebos and playing yard for the children. There is also a pond and fountain. I think the plus point of this place is really, the interior design. Thanks to the designer and I think the chef must learn more to be able to make better beverages that’s not only good for health but also can be enjoyed by the customer ^^


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