The Real Happiness

People think how to be happy. And when they are happy, they think, how to be happier. It’s always being like that. Human has no satisfaction. Nothing can satisfy them. It’s not bad actually, but it’s become untrue when someone’s happiness is taken by hurting others. There are a lot of examples for that. The general problem in our country is corruption. Maybe everyone who did corruption didn’t realize that what they got is a sacrifice of others. Imagine how low to middle economy classes work so hard to pay the taxes and guess what happened to the taxes? It’s not used for building better school or hospital—maybe some of it is—but it’s taken by some irresponsible people for their greed. It’s really shameful to us. Other example, when a businessman wants to build a new hotel, he bribed the local functionary to get the permission, whereas a lot of local civilians are driven out.

Now let us think about happiness. What is our happiness? What IS our happiness? Are we happy when we got a lot of money? Of course we are, but is that the real happiness? Are we happy when we can buy clothes we want? Of course we are, but once again, is that the REAL happiness?
Let’s compare THAT happiness with this one. I’ve watched a television program, when a little girl asked other to help her, to buy her a new uniform. She asked a lot of people, from door to door. But you know who does finally help her? It’s an ice seller. She said that she has a daughter, just like the little girl. She felt sorry for her so she buys her a new uniform. The ice seller, I believe, is not a rich woman. She even has to walk all day, sell her ice. But when she’s asked for help, she helps sincerely. I think it’s amazing. And how do you feel when you help people? When your help makes other people smile, when what you do become beneficial to others, when others say “Thank you” with smiling face to you? What do you feel, when you DO SOMETHING FOR OTHERS?
It’s not a theory, because I proved it myself. When what I do can make other people smile and feel thankful because of me, it is the greatest happiness I’ve had. I think everyone feels the same too, but most of people ignore this feeling. They’ve forgotten this feeling, as they close their heart by their own need. They never feel enough for themselves, so why do they have to help others? In fact, it’s a big mistake. We have to open our heart for our surroundings. Look what can we do to others, and help as much as we can. Then feel it deep within our heart. Feel the proud and satisfy. When you felt it, I believe you’ve found the REAL happiness. It’s not only an advice. It’s a fact that maybe we often forget. So what you are waiting for? Go and find your REAL happiness, not inside a mall or luxurious restaurant, but somewhere out there when there’s a lot of people we can help. Good luck!


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