Siwon’s Personal Story

(A long time ago…)
Note: This is Siwon’s personal story I’ve found on internet.
Manager: Siwon-ah
Siwon: Yes
Manager: How long have you been in our agency?
Siwon: About 1 year.
Manager: A year already~~um, you improved a lot in singing and dancing. Do you know that you have to focus in all Asia, not only Korea?
Siwon: Yes
Manager: We planned for you to go to China to learn some Chinese.
Siwon: China?
Manager: Go to China to learn their language and their culture, understand? You will be leaving soon so get ready.
“I was sent to China after I entered SM for about a year.”
Hankyung: Hello, are you Chinese?
Siwon: (In Korean) This…I can’t speak Chinese. Ah, what do I do….
Hankyung: (In Chinese) What are you talking about?
“I was clueless when I first got to China. Even though there are so many people in front of me, but all of them are Chinese speaking a totally different language. And I’m a Korean who doesn’t understand Chinese at all.”
Hankyung: (In Chinese) Siwon, lets go eat.
Siwon: (In Korean) What are you talking about?
Hankyung: (In Chinese) I said, let’s go eat.
Siwon: (In Chinese) Nothing nothing….OK.
“I have no friends in China, and after about a month, then I slowly understand other people’s conversation. I worked hard and tried my best to learn Chinese. No matter how difficult, I still have to survive. If I need to eat, I ask for restaurants. If I need to find my dorm, I ask for the rout to go home. I stayed in China for 6 month.”
An uncle went to my house to chat with my father, through the conversation, that uncle still think I should fallow my dad and become a business manger. He said “Even though your dad didn’t say anything, but he worried about you.” Every time when I hear people say this, I always hold tight my fist and turn these words to my power to motivate me.”
“Not too long after, I filmed . Even though I don’t have many parts, but because of this drama, I gained my popularity. Through this drama, I earned my first money in my life.”
“Even though it’s not an enormous amount, but it’s my first time in my life having a self earned money on my check book. I can not remember how many times I flipped through that check book. It’s just like a dream.”
Dad: Siwon-ah, The pastor told me everything.
Siwon: He told you what?
Dad: You donated all the money to the church.
Siwon: Ah, you heard it?
Dad: Yes. I was so proud today. Keep doing your best and accept your responsibility, understand?”
“I was so touched and it is unforgettable to me. My dad never really praise me through my childhood, but he just said he’s proud of me.”
After that drama, I did film some other stuff. I was preparing to debut as a singer. And finally, I’m in a group with 12 members total. Super Junior’s Siwon debuted. This is not a long journey nor a short one, but I know that the journey ahead of me will be longer than what I have already walked through. For my dad’s high hope, and for my supporting fans. I will do my best at all time!


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