Saebaqui Quiz that Change the World-Siwon&Heechul

finally i found the name of show where Siwon and Heechul was there! actually i found it a week ago but i just have an opportunity to write it in my blog today.
the name of the show is “Saebaqui Quiz that Change the World” 5th episode. i’ve watched the subbed video for Siwon and Heechul cuts in youtube and many interesting news about Siwon and heechul came from that show.
besides the fact that Heechul revealed Siwon’s want to get married, it’s said that Siwon likes to go to Han river for jogging and riding bicycle. when the other guests heard that, a girl (i don’t know her name) asked him,”What time do you usually go there?” ha3x…then another auntie asked,”do you ride bicycle too” siwon answered,”yes,” and then she said “You have to go to Tong chun dong” (because the route is near to her house) LOL

another fact came from heechul. he said that he’s kim gura’s fans but the company told him not to say that he is Gura’s fans. heechul also said that Gura has changed from his image, whereas heechul likes the former image of Gura.
in this show you can also watch heechul and gura’s battle (actually it’s ‘speaking battle’) which is end with Gura’s smile ha3x. thanks to “chi subs” that had been working hard to sub this video ^^;
12 plus_siwon - heechul - yesung10


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