Super Junior News

Maybe it’s too late to publish these news, but I just want to share it for everyone who still doesn’t know about these.
1. Kibum wasn’t in Suju’s performance lately because of his acting class. It’s said that he joined acting class for his acting career, but he’s still a Super Junior member. Let’s hope that he’ll soon join the rest members. Kibum, we miss your smile!
2. Have you watched Super Junior on We Got Married? I read an article about it and it’s said that Kangin ‘kissed’ Yoonja, his ‘wife’ on that show. But it’s actually not a kiss. It’s a game that Kangin and the other Suju members did. They ate something (maybe something like noodles, I can’t remember the food’s name ^^) in pairs, and the pairs are: Siwon-Eunhyuk, Sungmin-Ryeowook, and of course Kangin-Yoonja. Kangin said that their lips touched a bit, but it seemed that Yoonja hadn’t admitted it. Few days later, I read news said that Yoonja divorced Kangin, but I don’t know if it’s true.

3. Siwon and Micky Yoochun from DBSK area going to filmed together. It’s the 2nd SM film, but I still don’t know what kind of film it is.


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