Here’s a funny pic when Super Junior was about to perform in a show (unfortunately I don’t know what show was it), but Kibum wasn’t there.
This picture is from:
You can see Heechul’s imitation…hahaha…I remember when he did it on Sukira (during their 2nd album interview), and it’s look very similar. I wonder how’s Kibum’s reaction if he saw this pic…^^;

And this is a cut from an interview about their comeback:
Q: There are so many incidents during 13 members’ together activities, can you telll us some funny behind story ?
Sungmin : We had to use 2 elevators to come here for the intervews quickly. We also have 2 apartments. Therefore, the noisy members live on upper floor and the quiet members live on lower floor so we dont interupt our neighborhood. In the morning, there will be one member having shower, one member washing face and one member doing his own business at the same time in just one bathroom. Because we have many members so it’s quite hard to know if someone missing. Once time we came up to a local event and when we started to leave, it’ was Shindong behind the bus. And we fight a lot but we’re still friend anyhow.

(taken from:; If you want to read the full article just go to that link)

Haha…I can’t imagine what they’d done for living together so long. Even my sister and I can’t do that…doing something at the same time in the bathroom??? Have you done it even with your own family? But this proved they’re really really close to each other.

Btw, these are my favorite track on Suju’s 3rd Album Sorry Sorry:
Dead at heart
Happy Together
Let’s not (KRY)
Shinning Star


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