Heechul Explained About His Kiss

Heechul Explained About His Kiss

Have you watched a video when Siwon, Heechul, and Yesung were interviewed in Thailand? It’s about their 12+ CF shooting. I found a video on http://www.youtube.com
Which shows a cut of that interview. It’s a part when Heechul explained about his kissing to Siwon on SM Town Live in Bangkok. Unfortunately, I couldn’t download the translation because it used annotation. Briefly, Heechul said that he did the kiss because he felt that the song (Crazy) has a story like a film, so that he did the kiss. He even thanked to Sungmin and Siwon who were kissed. As soon as the translator translate Heechul’s explanation to the audience Siwon suddenly looked like want to kiss Heechul then Heechul hit him and Siwon ran away. After that, Siwon and Heechul shook hands but it looked like Heechul pressed Siwon’s hand…
The important thing is their kissing was just acting, but I wonder if Siwon knew about it before because if you see the video, you’ll see Heechul suddenly hold Siwon’s chin and did it. Yeah…whatever, let’s just end it here, and stop guessing if Suju boys are gays. We all know that they are very close each other and they love each other as brothers.


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